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Knotty Testimonies 

"I love that their products are natural, they don't use paragons or sulfates or anything that could be potentially harmful to the scalp! I love the ingredients and how my hair reacts to it, in such a positive way its amazing! I definitely recommend trying out knotty by nature. (Review on our summertime fine collection) "  

-Damara Hall 

@Mara_b__ @heathteawitdee

"After being tired of store-brand products, first time using 'Knotty By Nature" I was super impressed on how define and soft the products made my curls P.S. my first experience was with the sweet orange hair whip, but my personal favs are pineapple lemon twist gel, and summertime fine leave-in. These products not only protects my hair but also restore and keep my curls fresh for days. After a year of using my curls are forever poppin' & my hair grew soo long, Knotty By Nature not only boost my confidence but also become an entity of my beauty and self-love"  

-Akasha Evelyn


"These are the best twist out results I've ever gotten. Lots of definition really soft, but I can tell it will hold!" (Review combo on our Dipped in Cocoa defining gel and the Leave it Pumpkin Leave-in Conditioner"

-Spencer Peerman 


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Knotty By Nature is a natural hair line that provides premier natural products that allow for our consumers to embrace their curls, coils, and kinks.


Knotty by Nature is dedicated to providing quality natural and organic products. 


We do not use these harmful ingredients: 

- No Parabens                  - No Mineral Oil

- No Formaldehyde        - No Dea

- No Propylene                 - No Petroleum    

- No phthalates