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Does your scalp feel ichy? irriated? inflammfed? Try our scalp soother oil! Is regrwoing your edges or beard a goal of yours? The knotty regrower oil is also apart of the collection. Shop the collection today!


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Diamond Williams

"I love the pumpkin patch leave in conditioner! It smells good and it’s versatile. I like to detangle my conditioner through and I have no issues with this leave in. It glides through my curls easily and moisturizers them well. Since it’s a leave in , it saves me time with styling. All I have to do is part my hair, add a little styling milk and I’m done! I typically add a scalp oil but I’ve noticed I don’t feel like I need it as much anymore, after using the leave in more regularly. Loveeee it & ordering more."


LeMonne Haze

“For awhile I’ve been looking for hair products to maintain my wave hairstyle. I have found many successful products, but those products came with a cost such as damage to my hair. I soon went on the hunt for all natural hair product. I told my girlfriend and she recommended me to try KnottyByNature’s products. I contacted the owner, she was very sweet, and recommended the Sweet Orange Whip hair product to maintain my waves. I tried it and never looked back. Never I had a grease smell this good and work this well. It gives peace of mind to have a product that works, and causes no damage to your hair. I highly recommend. “

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