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The Pumpkin Patch Collection


The Coilest of Coils 


The Pumpkin Patch collection

     The Knotty Benefits

           Mango Butter

Naturally balances sebum levels

Prevents environmental changes

      Pumpkin Seed Butter

Strenghtens the hair shaft 

Prevents hair loss 

          Shea Butter

Relieves scalp irritation

Promotes natural hair growth

         Cocoa Butter 

Promotes hair growth

Natural hair softener

     Pumpkin Seed Oil

Prevents hair loss

Conditions the hair scalp 

     Black Seed Oil

Soothes scalp of inflammation 

Thickens hair strands 

       Grapeseed Oil

Moisturizes dry hair strands

Penetrates the hair scalp 

        Agave Nectar 

Natural humectant 

Provides natural hair strand 

      Slippery Elm Powder 

Heals damaged hair strands

Removes dandruff 

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