THE Canaba Locs Collection

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The Canaba Collection

Step By Step Kit for Revived, moisturzed, and softened locs!

Step 1:   take 1/4 of the Canada Detox tea rinse, Bring The Canaba Detox tea rinse to a boil for 15-30 mins. STRAIN. Cool down and apply to scalp. Leave on for 15 mins. Rinse.


Step 2: Shampoo w/ The Canaba Cleansing Shampoo. Pay more attention to your Knotty Scalp. Rinse.


Step 3: Apply Canaba Detox Rinse as a scalp soother. Apply in spray bottle. Scalp Care is key.


Step 4: Apply The Canaba Leave in condish. Can be used for retwisting cream.


Step 5: Apply the Canaba Scalp oil day and night, for max. knotty moisture.