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Coily Hair Texture

The next knotty texture is our knotties who rock the coily coils. This knotty hair texture consist of tight coils, with tons of volume and highly compacted on the strand. This texture is on the tigher curl side versus our knotties who rock the curls. These coils are tighter in circumference. Most knottiest can find themselves with variations of curls and coils. 


Coily hair tips 

  • Coily hair needs all the moisture it can take. 

  • Deep condition, Deep condition, Deep condition.

  • Oil will be your best friend!

  • Bonnets are key and will help preserve styles.

  • Knotty Regimen= Prepoo, Shampoo, Condition, DEEP CONDITION, Leave in conditioner, Style (With a knotty hair butter and Hair Milk)


Coily Hair Identifiers

  • Coils on Coils... sis this hair texture is on the denser side and is packing that volume. 

  • Coil hair is usually naturally very dry.

  • Your hair curls in the form of spirals.

  • This texture is prone, to one of our worse enemies...shrinkage. 

  • Coily hair is also prone to breakage.

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