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Knotty BY​ NATURE 

Knotty By Nature was founded in 2017 in Norfolk Virginia by CEO, Mychal Dylaney Dillard. ​

                    What is Knotty By Nature?

Knotty By Nature is a natural hair company whose main goal is to encourage the knotty hair community to love their curls, coils, and kinks by providing quality products that moisturize, provide shine, and... OH YEAH make those curls POP!


Knotty By Nature was created to educate the natural hair community on how to care of their tresses and to love every stage of their natural hair journey. Knotty By Nature continues to use the highest quality standards when involving product development.

Knotty by nature CEO's is committed to maintaining the principles of quality and moral integrity with the brand of KBN. 


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