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Kinky Hair Texture

The next knotty texture is our knotties who rock the BIG knotty afros. The knotties who make the 70's gals and dudes jealous. This knotty hair texture consist of zig-zag pattern. This texture has a spongy touch, and very prone to breakage. In the words of knotty "Be gentle with my 'fro". these strands are tightly compacted and most textured of all the knotty hair textures.

Kinky Hair Identifiers

  • Your hair curls in the of zig-zag pattern.

  • Hair density varies throughout.

  • MOST fragile knotty texture. 

  • Prone to breakage. 

  • No curl or wave. 

  • Hair LOVES hydration. 

  • Hair strands are delicate.

  • Prone to shrinkage.

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Kinky hair tips 

  • Kinky hair is prone to breakage, and loves moisture. 

  • Washing hair in twists, limits breakage.

  • Finger detangling > Comb detangling.

  • Oil Deep conditioning is not an option. 

  • Mouistrize. Mouistrize. Mouistrize. 

  • Bonnets are your bestie. 

  • Twistouts, Braidouts, are everything. 

  •  Knotty steps to an effortless fro = 1.Prepoo. Shampoo, Condition,  Deep condition, Leave in condition, Apply Knotty Hair butter and Styling gel.

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