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Dedicated to providing quality products, that provide naturalists with natural hair growth, shine, moisture retention.... and OH YEAH allow for curls, coils, and kinks to POP!



No Sulfates
No Petroleum
No Mineral oil
No Artifcal colors 

Shea Butter

Prevents hair breakage 

Hair Softener

Promotes hair growth

Aloe Vera Butter 

Emollient for hair

Conditions the hair 

Mango Butter

Naturally balances sebum levels

Prevents environmental changes

Pumpkin Seed Butter

Strengthens the hair shaft 

Prevents Hair Loss 

Cocoa Butter

Promotes hair growth 

Natural Hair softener

Coconut Oil

Stimulates hair growth

Promotes shine

Prevents hair breakage

Black Castor Oil

Aids in strengthening

Improves blood circulation in the scalp

Aids in hair growth

Olive Oil

Promotes in hair strengthening 

Increases Manageability

Jojoba Oil

Stimulates hair growth 

Adds shine

Prevents hair breakage 

Vitamin Oil

Increases tissues health 

Prevents hair breakage 

Stimulates hair growth 

Grapeseed Oil

Provides moisture retention

Prevents spilt ends

Limits Frizz

Tea Tree Oil

Promotes Natural hair growth 

Gets rid of dandruff

Prevents Scalp Irritation 

Pumpkin Seed Oil 

Prevents hair loss 

Conditions the hair scalp

Black Seed Oil 

Soothes the scalp inflammation

Thickens hair strands 

Neem Oil

Improves hair texture 

Improves scalp health 

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