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 The Sweet & Decadent Restorative Collection

The Curliest of Curls 


Sweet and Decadent Restorative Collection 

Knotty Benefits:

Sweet Almond Butter

Fights off frizz

Enriched in Vitamins 

Cocoa Butter

                         Promotes hair growth

                         Natural hair softener

Macadamia Butter 

Enriched in Fatty Acids

Prevents hair loss 

Black Cumin Oil

Maintains scalp health 

Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Antiviral

Sweet Almond Oil 

Enriched in Vitamins B1, B6, E to promote hair growth 

Promote blood circulation to the scalp 

Flax Seed Oil 

enriched in omega-3 fatty acids

Vitamin E Oil 

Repair Damaged hair follicles 

Prevents tissue corrosion

Grapeseed Oil 

                   Moisturizes dry hair strands

                        Penetrates the hair scalp 

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